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Jocelyne Gross, A.C.N, NTP

I moved from California to Austin in February of 2021 and was fortunate to be introduced to Joseph who was looking for a partner. I am extremely happy to be working with Joseph at Better Body Clinical Nutrition. 

I am certified as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and have been in practice applying Nutrition Response Testing for over a decade.

Personally I have always been interested in nutrition as I grew up in a small farm community where I recognized the importance of good nutritious foods at an early age. I also have noticed that as more and more processed and fast foods have become popularized, health outcomes have gotten worse. I started studying this subject and paid attention to what I was eating because I knew there was a connection between what we eat and how we feel. But modern times are very challenging and not only the food but the environment can have factors that challenge our health. Even with this knowledge after having four children, and reaching 40 years of age, my health started to decline. I felt tired regardless of how much sleep I could get.

In 2005 I came across Ulan Nutritional Systems and I was really surprised by the results. I started to sleep better nearly immediately. My health continued to improve and I felt better then I had ever felt.

I worked with Ulan Nutritional Systems setting up training seminars in Nutrition Response Testing across the country for professionals wanting to add a nutrition component to their practice. This gave me the advantage of being able to really learn and see this technique over several years. It is this experience which helped me decide to become a health provider and use Nutrition Response Testing to help others. The results were undeniable. I look forward to helping you improve your overall health via Better Body Clinical Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing.

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