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More Data on Water - 2

Tuesday, August 8, 2023 2:45 PM

As promised, here is more data on Water
(Continued from last post
All Waters Are NOT Created Equal.
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Water itself was the "secret ingredient" that helped bring about the miracle of life on Earth long ago. Water has unique properties that we are still learning about today. We all know that water is very good at dissolving and holding things - water can hold both "good" things and "bad" things equally well. Some of the good things that water can hold are essential minerals - minerals like calcium, magnesium and more.
Without essential minerals, water could not sustain life as we know it on Earth!
The beautiful, complex life we see all around us depends completely on mineral-bearing water to survive and to grow. Now we are beginning to understand why drinking something like distilled water, which contains no minerals, may not be such a great idea. 
What happens when we drink water that lacks minerals? 
Distilled water or reverse-osmosis water, which lack minerals, strip our bodies of the minerals they already have. Medical Doctor Zoltan Rona performed detailed mineral evaluations on over 3,000 patients and discovered that almost all of the distilled-water drinkers had developed multiple mineral deficiencies. Loss of the essential electrolytes sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium from drinking distilled water can lead to heart irregularities and even death. 
Healthful water contains both minerals and “structure”.
That's right, to be good for you, your water needs "structure". No, not like the structure you see in a building, but another kind of structure. You see, one of the main reasons water can perform its life-giving miracles is that natural water is actually organized in certain ways. Water that comes straight from a spring or a waterfall or a glacier has this special structure. This helps it hold and then deliver essential minerals to the body, assist the body's energy flows, cleanse the body of waste, etc.
Distillation or reverse-osmosis treatments destroy water's life-giving structure, which is one reason why we refer to these waters as "Dead Waters!"
Now we're getting "The Big Picture" when it comes to water. We want clean water, for sure. But we also want LIVING WATER, water that contains its natural share of minerals and a proper structure that can support life.  
But before we get into the solutions, let's look over the "Great Water Problem" just a bit more...
TO BE CONTINUED in our Next Post!!