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Ketosis for Women: The Benefits, Risks and Importance of Cycling - Part 1

Friday, August 25, 2023 2:03 PM

If you’re a woman who would like to burn fat… lose weight… boost energy… optimize your hormones… and turn back the clock on aging to look YEARS younger… you’ve probably considered the keto diet.
Based on Internet searches, keto diet is the most popular diet in the world. And that’s for a very good reason… because it works!

Keto can turn your body into a fat-burning furnace, and it works wonders for weight loss. It does this by helping to reset your hormones and restore your youthful metabolism.

But there is a good chance you’ve also heard “horror” stories about keto… 

It’s important to understand that some of these critiques come from the “Vegan Mafia” and do NOT stand up to scientific scrutiny. Also, please do not be afraid of the Vegan Mafia. I know it sounds scary, but their ranks are mostly made up of men with frail arms and women with blue hair and too many cats (which are obligate carnivores, ironically).

One of the scare tactics they use is to suggest that keto can cause the serious condition known as “ketoacidosis”. However, this is NOT a health risk associated with the keto diet. Instead, it is a medical concern, primarily associated with uncontrolled diabetes and end-stage metabolic dysfunction. 

With that said, there can be some risks and challenges associated with keto. And while it can be very effective for weight loss and has numerous potential health benefits, it might not be appropriate for everyone – especially women in mid-life.

In follow up post, we explore the:

• Impact of the ketogenic diet on female hormones

• Potential benefits and risks of ketosis for women

• Benefits of a “Cyclical Ketogenic” diet to reap all the benefits while minimizing risks.