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Saturday, August 5, 2023 7:13 AM

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There could be several reasons for constipation. 
It could be because of toxicity in the gastrointestinal tract and/or a loss of intestinal flora because of taking antibiotics. Loss of intestinal flora can lead to parasitic, bacterial, or fungal infection or candidiasis. Also, problems with the liver and/or gallbladder can lead to constipation. 
The best thing is to get tested by Joseph to find out exactly the underlying reason and find out which of the following products works for you. But below I am listing often used products that help handle the situation. 
Recommended Products;
Zymex - 2 to 6 a day 
Spanish Black Radish - 3 to 9 a day 
Fen-Cho - 4 to 12 a day 
It would pay to also take a supplement to help with digestion.
Recommended Products; 
Multizyme 1 with each meal
Zypan 1 with each meal 
Fen Cho 1 with each meal (help lubricate the GI Tract)
If you have had to take laxatives add support for the liver and gallbladder
Recommended Products;
Choline 1 with each meal 
A-F Betafood 3 to 9 a day
Livaplex 1 with each meal 
Here are some natural recommendations to help with constipation. 
juice of 2 Beets and ½ Apple – drink daily
Vegetables and Fruits 
(Organic – 2 veggies for each fruit (so double the number of veggies)
Water – ½ your body weight in Ounces up to 100oz.