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How to eat healthy with less money while this supply chain gets sorted out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2021 9:27 AM

Hello there well my focus is on nutrition and unfortunatly this pandemic is having an effect on the cost of food.  I won't bore you with the details (click on the link if you don't already know), but the bottom line is overhead is higher for a lot of different reasons and as a result food is costing more.  So I wanted to highlight some ways that you can spend less money, but keep eating the foods that will make sure you stay healthy.  This comes from one of my favorite online food enthusiast Megan Gilmore (known online as the Detoxinista).  I am putting her list here, but for an explanation of each item see her article here:

1. Stick to a meal plan

2. Don’t shop hungry

3. Keep it simple

4. Shop seasonally

5. Opt for frozen options when possible

6. Cut back on meat and dairy 

7. Shop around

8. Know the “dirty dozen"

9. Shop online for specialty items 

A couple of points on #6 and # 8.  Meat and dairy can be a healthy part of your diet and provide great protein, calcium, zinc, and even b12, but they are often more expensive so finding a substitue or really focusing on quality (ground beef vs. hot dogs for example) so you get the most for your money.  What the dirty dozen does is allow you to do is know what needs to be organic and what you can get away with from a pesteside exposure perspective.  You can just skip the dirty dozen if the cost is really high and shop seasonally for the foods on that list when they are at thier highest quality and availability.  Happy shopping and hopefully this supply chain issue becomes a distant memory soon.   

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