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Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Thursday, March 16, 2023 10:14 AM

This is a book published by Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation and written by Weston A. Price. DDS. 
Dr. Weston Price was one of the most prominent health researchers of the 20th century. This book is an extraordinary masterpiece of nutritional science and belongs in the library of anyone who is serious about learning how to use foods to improve health. 
As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, this book was amongst all the books I had to own and refer to during my training. Although I knew the impact food can have on our health, the information in this book brought real concrete evidence and information on this fact. I was more than ever before convinced that I was in the right profession. 
Here is an excerpt; 
“Some of the primitive races have avoided certain of the life problems faced by modernized groups and the methods and knowledge used by the primitive peoples are available to assist modernized individuals in solving their problems. Many primitive races have made habitual use of certain preventive measures in meeting crucial life problems. 
Search for controls among remnants of primitive racial stocks has been resorted to as a result of failure to find them in our modernized groups or to find the controlling factors by applying laboratory methods to the affected clinical material. Only the primitive groups have been able to provide adequate normal controls. 
In the following chapters, I have presented descriptions of certain peoples and their environment in primitive state, and, for comparative study, descriptions of members of the primitive tribes who have been in contact with modernized white races. I have recorded the effects of that contact as expressed in physical and character changes and have given a survey of the factors in the environment which have changed. It has been necessary to study in this way a wide variety of primitive groups and physical environments. It will, accordingly, be advisable for the reader to keep in mind the comparative effects of different altitudes, latitudes, temperatures and raced, and to note the similarity of the reactions of these primitive groups when contact is made with our modern civilization. The purpose is to glean data that will be applicable for use in correcting certain tragic expressions of our modern degeneration, including tooth decay, general physical degeneration, and facial and dental-arch deformities, and character changes. These data will be useful in preventing race decay and deformities, in establishing a higher resistance to infective diseases, and in reducing the number of prenatal deficiency injuries.” 
The book supplies an abundance of photographs of the people that were worked with and the difference between the ones on their traditional diet and the ones that were exposed to the modern diet. 
Below is a photo of two primitive boys and the state of their teeth on their traditional diet as opposed to the primitive girls that have been consuming processed goods of a modern diet.