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Friday, March 17, 2023 11:39 AM

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We live in a world where medication is prevalent. Many of us take medication either for temporary pain relief or we are prescribed a medication by our doctor for a specific ailment or disease. It is sometime necessary to take medication when a situation is acute and painful enough that a person needs immediate relief. And many health issues will require medication to keep it from progressing or counter its effect, but medication is never without side effects. It is wise to be informed and know the side effects of any medication you may be taking. Some are mild while others may be more severe. 
A site that I use is Type in the name of the medication in the search bar and it will come up with information as to the medication’s use, recommendation, and side effects. 
In most pharmacies, the medication is pre-packaged and has a pill of a specific size with its specific dose and depending on your gender and size, you are recommended a dose that fits you as close as possible. Not always easy with a pill that is one size to come up with an exact dose for you. Some pill may be cut in half but sometime, it is just a dose that is not quite exact but close. A compounding pharmacy can make their own pills by putting together the right amount of the needed medication for you specifically, so it is an exact dose. 
Also, if you are taking many medications, it may be difficult to assess what the interaction is between these medications. It may be that a different medication is a better fit. A compounding pharmacist can look at all the medication you are on and determine if they all work fine together. He can determine if an alternative medication would be a better fit with all that you are taking. He can also streamline your medication to minimize the side effects. After reviewing you medication, the compounding pharmacist would write a letter addressed to your doctor with his recommendation. Your doctor can then change your prescription(s) accordingly. 
You can google compounding pharmacy near you to find one that is close to you.