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Foods to Seek Out, Series, #2

Friday, March 3, 2023 3:08 PM

Excerpt from the book “Food to the Rescue” by Dr. Jennifer Shell, D.C. 
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Complex Carbs; 
This kind of carb has fiber and nutritional value that stick with you and give you fuel. It is best to get the majority of your carbs from vegetables, but you can do a bit of the list below. It’s very important that kids get away from the over-abundant simple carbs constantly marketed to them. Have you seen commercials for sugary breakfast cereals served with a banana and orange juice and the commercial says it’s part of a complete breakfast? The whole “meal” is sugar, with not more than two grams of protein. How can this be considered complete? Complex carbs, on the other hand will give your family some lasting energy. 
• Quinoa: it’s a high-protein grain that cooks like rice and has a nutty quality 
• Spouted breads and pasta: These have more protein and live enzymes
• Sweet potatoes (and regular potatoes if you aren’t trying to lose weight) 
• Wild rice is a good choice