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Friday, March 10, 2023 11:55 AM

Published by Thropay Health Center
When you hear the term ‘Breast Cancer Awareness,’ what is the first image that comes to your mind? Pink ribbons? Fundraising walks and marathons? ‘Early detection’? Cancer treatments?
All of these are prominent, one way or another, in October. Just for the record, Wikipedia states that the original purpose of this annual campaign was to promote mammograms.
The tradition of Breast Cancer Awareness month began in 1985 when the American Cancer Society partnered with the Imperial Chemical Company which is now part of Zeneca, the manufacturer of several anti-cancer drugs. The ribbon idea came first from Charlotte Haley, whose sister, daughter, and granddaughter all had breast cancer. With her Peach Ribbon awareness campaign, Mrs. Haley wished to focus attention upon breast HEALTH, with the goal of helping people avoid cancer in the first place – and especially the trauma of chemotherapy, radiation, and mastectomies. This idea was not shared by the pharmaceutical/ACS alliance. They chose pink for their color, and soon out-marketed her crusade for health and prevention.
Breast cancer certainly is no small threat. Current stats show that one in eight women (and a lower number of men) will have it in their lifetime. Combining all the types makes cancer the Number Two killer in America. No wonder early detection is encouraged!
Unfortunately, though, getting annual or biennial mammograms cannot be relied upon for early detection of breast cancer. Why? Breast tumors take from 5 to 10 years to develop to a size where they can even be detected by a mammogram. For most cases of cancer, that’s hardly an early stage.
The good news is that there are other options now available.
“Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, also known as Thermography, can detect abnormal breast patterns 5-8 years before tumors are visible on a mammogram. How’s that for early detection!...with Thermography, there is:
NO radiation (a mammogram has at least 300x the amount of a chest X-ray) 
NO compression 
NO pain 
NO touching…” (quote from Dr. Veronique Desnauliers)
Dr. Axe says:
“Research scientists have concluded that thermography…seems to detect active pre-cancerous breast signs six to eight years before any palpable mass appears. (It) is useful not only as a predictor of the risk factor for cancer but also to assess the more rapidly growing neoplasms.”
Dr. Desnauliers also alerts us that “There are many blood tests that can detect the development of cancer on a cellular level, before they are detected with conventional tests. Stop cancer before it starts, with blood work that detects enzymes and hormones that are produced by cancer cells.”
In addition, she has some helpful information regarding the development of cancer. “Cancer is just the tip of the iceberg revealing that there are so many other underlying things. You have to be sick to get cancer. Your body is already compromised. Your immune system is weak, you’re toxic, you’re stressed out, and that’s how cancer develops. Cancer isn’t just something that gets you. It’s something that develops over a period of time. You’re not a victim of it. You have a lot of control over it.”
Did you find the encouragement in her quote? We can DO something instead of just feeling like victims or taking a fatalistic approach to cancer!
So just what is in our control to help prevent the disease process? See if any of these sound familiar from your experience in our clinic:
“…Let food be your medicine…if we ingest dead food…what happens to our bodies? Yes, they become toxic and diseased…”
“…Reduce your toxic exposure… There are many simple steps that you can take…to reduce your daily exposure to environmental toxins in your home and in your body. Detoxification of the liver and colon play a major role in improving your health…”
“Balance your energy…” (One of the best ways is to keep your central nervous system in balance is by getting regular adjustments, especially if you have nutritional imbalances)
“Heal your emotional wounds…we (now) understand how stress impacts our health. In fact, we…have proof that your DNA contracts and relaxes in response to your mood…”
“Embrace biological dentistry… I have repeatedly seen the relationship between specific diseased organs and the dental meridians. Women with Breast Cancer invariably had a huge filling or root canal in the tooth corresponding to the breast meridian.”
“Repair your body with therapeutic plants… Specific plants and herbs cont
ain special compounds that nourish, stimulate, tone, strengthen, detoxify…In fact, there are specific plant compounds that actually kill cancer cells without harming the healthy cells of the body.”
We would add, AVOID the CANCER-FEEDERS (sugar, refined oils, refined carbs, conventional dairy, factory-farmed/conventional meats)…
…and EAT the CANCER-FIGHTERS like raw and cultured dairy, organic vegetables of all sorts, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, unrefined organic oils (olive, coconut).
The essential oil frankincense (boswellia) is especially good for breast cancer. Why not use it as a preventive tool in your kit?
Finally, get lots of sunshine every possible day, and take Vitamin D.
Turn the awareness into action!