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Remedies for Panick Attacks and High Anxiety – Part 3

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 12:42 PM

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Author is Joette Calabrese April 29, 2014


Meet Elisha. She is a twenty-five-year-old mom who had panic attacks related to the delivery of her children. At the time of the birth of her first baby, she experienced gob-smacking anxiety while in labor. Certain she was destined to die; her anxiety was worse than her labor pains. She muscled through them. Then with her second pregnancy, her anxiety reappeared, and the panic grew as she did, until towards the fortieth week she was beside herself with anxiety. But it wasn’t until she was in labor that her knowledgeable midwife dropped a few doses of Aconitum 200 into Elisha’s mouth, and it halted the anxiety attacks within minutes. Soon after the birth, as she lay with her baby in arms, her panic reappeared only to be met with another few doses and complete resolution followed: “It was like a miracle. The anxiety never returned despite the fact that I’ve had two subsequent babies.”

Elisha’s fifteen-year-old brother Martin also suffered panic attacks but his were different. Martin’s anxiety would appear only in the evenings and the pediatrician had given him Valium. Martin thought the name was cool; it sounded heroic. (Thank you, pharmaceutical marketing team.) It’s not so nice a name when you learn that it is a medication belonging to the drug class called benzodiazepine. Martin told his mom that he liked the high he felt from taking the pills, but the next day, he was often drowsy and ill behaved.

His mom was appalled that her son was experiencing a false euphoria and becoming interested in getting high, so she started the family on the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet and concentrating on obtaining ingredients from only the cleanest farm raised foods. She prepared all the meals from scratch, which brought Martin’s overall condition up a notch. The daytime drowsiness thankfully fell away before Martin’s family weaned him off Valium. Now with his new diet and no synthetic drugs, Martin’s school time anxieties lightened, yet the nocturnal anxieties persisted. Instead of sleep he sometimes paced at night praying for rest. Meanwhile his heart felt stepped up and he perspired profusely.

The remedy chosen for Martin was Coffea 200. When Martin learned the name of the remedy, he said it made sense in that it was derived from coffee and was in fact quite accurately the way he often felt; as though he had drunk a large quantity of coffee.