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Remedies for Panick Attacks and High Anxiety – Part 4

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 9:23 PM

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Author is Joette Calabrese April 29, 2014

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Coffea 200 is a remedy that Elisha, Paula, and Mary all might have profited from as well. Just because the remedies chosen for these others were different doesn’t mean that some of them may not be interchangeable or used in different circumstances. Coffea 200 is one of our premier remedies for anxiety and sleeplessness. That might have suited any of these situations.

Martin took Coffea 200 before bed every night for a few weeks and his anxiety vanished while his sleep became fully restored. His family is relieved not only because his sleep was reinstated, but most significantly, he was not ingesting a daily dose of psychotropic drugs.

Allow me to leave you with one more important remedy that may make your choice even easier. A most ubiquitous remedy that seems to work regardless of the circumstances and is probably available at your local health food store is Ignatia amara 200. For someone who suffers long term, chronic anxiety, this may become your remedy of choice. It can be used for those who suffer fear, worry, grief, or nearly any disturbing emotion and it can safely be administered over a period of weeks and months. As improvement ensues, its use may be eliminated and then reinstated later, if the anxiety reappears. Most likely it will not be needed again and again. Remember, homeopathy doesn’t cover up symptoms; it resolves illness.

Here we have five simple homeopathic remedies: Arsenicum album 200 for when a poison has been ingested or inhaled, Nux vomica 200 for when there’s overindulgence of a stimulant, Aconitum 200 often used around birthing, Coffea 200 to resolve anxiety associated with insomnia, and Ignatia 200 when in doubt or if nothing else seems to fit. If you or your family suffers from anxiety or panic attacks, have these aids on hand and choose the one that most closely matches the circumstances and symptoms. Then watch the magic of homeopathy melt away the suffering at your healing hands.