Better Body Clinical Nutrition


Restoring and/or Maintaining Health

Tuesday, January 10, 2023 12:03 PM

One of the core principles at Better Body Clinical Nutrition is that we believe your body has a BLUEPRINT for perfect health. We believe - just as Hippocrates did - that your body has the innate ability to function optimally... to maintain your ideal weight... and to even HEAL ITSELF.
After all, when you break your leg, the doctor doesn't heal the break. He simply helps to move the bones back into place and hold them there. After that, the body mends itself (even stronger than before).
There is also abundant proof that your body can make disease simply vanish. All it needs are the proper building elements in the right amounts - and to not continually be assaulted by toxins.
Unfortunately, that is easier said than done in today's toxic world. You must be constantly vigilant about those things in our food, water, and cosmetic products that will corrupt your body's blueprint for perfect health.
Come and get tested to find out what nutrients your body needs in order to restore health or maintain it and find out which toxins need help being eliminated. We can also test products that you are using to find out if they are helping or hindering your health.