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Using Observation to Better Assess Physical Health! Hair

Tuesday, November 15, 2022 2:13 PM

Another Post by Jocelyne Gross NTP A.C.N.


Is a contiguous part of the skin. Receives nutrients from blood stream via hair bulb. New cells are created when proper nutrients are available. Hair and nails require the same basic nutrients. The hair follicle is made of protein and fatty acids. Hair shaft is made up of keratin, fatty acids, trace minerals (especially Sulphur), melanin, salt, and water. 
• Sulphur foods include cruciferous, radishes and mustard greens. All need to be abundant in the diet for healthy hair. 
Poor hair quality (split ends or brittle) – can indicate weak kidneys, thyroid dysfunction, and sex organs (hormone imbalances).
Balding and thinning hair – commonly caused by excessive stress, poor diet, or hypothyroidism. Support endocrine health with adaptogens, adrenal support. Ensure adequate hydrochloric acid to improve protein breakdown and absorption (consider Digest Forte, Zypan) 
• Alopecia (sudden hair loss with circular bald patches) – can be caused by nutritional deficiencies or excessive stress. Consider autoimmune component. Can also be caused by radiation, chemotherapy, or pharmaceutical drugs. 
Hair on the chin in women – Correlated with hormone imbalances. Often seen with excess testosterone and blood sugar dysregulations. Modify the diet to handle blood sugar. Consider Gymnema, Diaplex or Cataplex GTF. 
• Hormone imbalances in women – Improve detoxification pathways (LivCo or Livaplex, Schisandra). The Standard Process 21-day purification program would be beneficial. Chaste tree is the first line approach for reproductive age women. Wild Yam is the product for menopausal women. 
Eyebrows (pennant shape – wider on one end, thinning out gradually) – Loss of outer third – indicates thyroid dysfunction, most often hypothyroidism.
Thin Eyebrows – indicate a weaker constitution. Can indicate tendency toward poorer health. Important to exercise, avoid dietary extremes and maintain regular hours. 
Key nutrients for healthy hair; 
• Linum B6 (Flax Seeds) 
• B Vitamins (Cataplex B or Cataplex B-Core) 
• Omega-3 oils (Tuna Omega 3) 
• Zinc (Zinc Chelate) 
• Iron (Ferrofood)