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The Original Anti-Inflammatory!

Thursday, November 10, 2022 10:12 AM

*Excerpt from the Book “Earthing” by Stephen T Sinatra, M.D.
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Did you know that the earth itself is the original anti-inflammatory. And the planet itself is the biggest electron donor on the planet.

What does this mean to you?
Just imagine negative-charged electrons, like a mighty unseen cavalry, galloping up through your body from the Earth and mopping up an outnumbered force of positive-charged inflammatory free radicals. Electron deficiency, created by lack of grounding, is eliminated and a healing process unfolds.
The inflammation, sickness, and pain in your body are but a manifestation – in large part or small – of an electron deficiency. The remedy is as close as the Earth you live on.

What is Inflammation?
Everyone is susceptible to inflammation – from high-performance athletes to non-performance couch potatoes. It’s an equal opportunity hit man.

The word “inflammation” comes from the Latin inflammatio, meaning to set on fire. Inflammation is the complex biological response of the body to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells, or irritants. It is a protective attempt by the system to remove injurious or threatening agent as well as start the healing process for the affected tissue. In the absence of inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal and progressive destruction of the tissue would compromise survival.

Some amount of inflammation when needed is beneficial but the problem starts when the inflammation becomes chronic and never shuts off.

The Remedy;
Walk barefoot in your backyard, on the beach, in a grassy park, on concrete or open ground, or any place outside wherever comfortable (and of course, where the surface is safe to walk on), and when the weather allows, although a walk-in light rain can also be invigorating. Earth’s energy is there for the taking any time, day and night and it’s free. No limit.

The sole of your foot has more nerve endings, inch for inch, than any other part of your body. That’s also where the acupuncture K1 point is located, with connections running up and through the body. So, think of the soles of your bare feet as a prime contact point gathering in the free electrons and natural energies from the earth. Besides walking barefoot, you can, of course, ground yourself buy sitting on the Earth or on a chair with your bare feet planted on the ground, while reading a book, listening to music, or just plain relaxing. Leave your feet squarely on the earth and sit there for thirty to forty minutes. If you have the opportunity, connect with the Earth two or three times a day but at minimum once a day. The more time you put in the more you benefit.

If you can’t do these things outside, a concrete basement floor is a good venue, if you have one in your house. Dampen the area around your feet to enhance conductivity. Concrete is a conductive substance made from water and minerals. It sits on the Earth and retains moisture. If the concrete is painted or sealed, there may not be any conductivity. Asphalt is made from petrochemicals and is not conductive. So don’t expect any benefits from walking on painted or carpeted concrete or asphalt. The same goes for a wood or vinyl surface.

Water-wise, wading or swimming in a lake or ocean is a great recreational form of grounding. Salt-water rich in minerals, is highly conductive, and actually several hundred times more so than freshwater. Conductivity depends on the concentration of minerals in the water. So, lake water is much less conductive than salt water. Pool water is likely less than that. A plastic kiddie pool would not be conductive because the plastic would insulate the water from ground contact.

So, start walking barefoot outside and breathe some fresh air while you’re at it and you may be surprised of the change. You might find that you start feeling better.

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