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Supplement to have on hand

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 1:58 PM

Another Post by Jocelyne Gross NTP A.C.N. 
Supplement to have on hand at home - 
ANTRONEX is our go to supplement for allergies, nasal congestion, portal hypertension (portal vein is a major vein that leads to the liver therefore helps with draining and detoxing). 
Japanese researchers in the 1920’s discovered the antihistaminic effect of this liver extract. Natural antihistamine and liver decongestant. Dr. Harrower, who wrote the classic work “Practical Endocrinology, “ stated that Yakriton (ANTRONEX) is “the detoxifying hormones of the liver.” 
ANTRONEX contains a special liver extract, which the Japanese named Yakriton. Yakriton is the blood-filtering fraction of the liver. So, the product quickens the detoxification of the blood in its flow through the liver. It is a natural antihistamine, excellent for people who have histamine toxicity, as in cases of asthma and allergies. People who have toxic thyroids are also benefited by ANTRONEX, as it quickens the removal of the excess thyroxin from the blood. If a person has high blood pressure due to a congested liver, ANTRONEX may lower their blood pressure very quickly. Take 2 ANTRONEX wait ten minutes then take 2 more. If the blood pressure drops significantly, you know the hypertension was due at least partly to a congested liver, in which case you would take ANTRONEX regularly. One more thing about ANTRONEX, it is only utilized in an acid gastrointestinal tract, so you may need Cal-Amo or Zypan along with it. 
At the onset of any congestion or allergy symptoms, take 2 or 3 ANTRONEX daily to manage the congestion and allergy symptoms. 
We will determine if more are needed or when ANTRONEX is no longer needed in your follow up visit(s).
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