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Sea Salt vs Table Salt and the new FDA guidance

Saturday, November 13, 2021 11:04 AM

Happy monday or whatever day you are reading this.  I wanted to give an answer to which type of salt is the best, Sea salt or table salt?  I have included two links that give more information on this topic for further reading, but I wanted to bring up two aspects of this answer.  The first is that sea salt has these minerals naturally with them. 

"Sea salt comes from a natural source and contains other minerals, including:

  • magnesium
  • calcium
  • potassium"

Another way of saying this is that “salt” in its natural form is not just sodium chloride.  It is mostly that, but it also has other trace minerals with it.  Also with table salt this article points out that,  "Manufacturers may include additives in table salt to prevent clumping. These additives are called anticaking agents and may include:

  • potassium ferrocyanide
  • calcium silicate
  • silicon dioxide
  • yellow prussiate of soda
  • iron ammonium citrate"

So in conclusion, sea salt has components becides sodium chloride and doesn’t have anti caking agents.  Table salt has the trace minerals removed and anti caking agents added.   Many processed foods have table salt added in large quantities and it is well documented that large quantities of refined salt is hard on the kidneys.  This can lead to elevated blood pressure and water balance issues.  

Recently the FDA has asked Manufactures to voluntarily reduce the amount of salt in their products.  (  I applaud thier effort and encourage you to make the switch to a salt that retains its trace minerals and doesn’t add in anti caking agents.