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Nutrition has an effect on brain health, mood, emotional balance, and even cognative function

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 4:50 PM

Here is a video of a Dr. explaining how nutrition and daily movement habits, including the foods we eat or don’t eat have an effect on brain health, mood, emotional balance and even cognative function.  I often get asked about how to deal with stress and I think one of the best strategies is to take a walk and get ones attention off of whatever the stressor is, be it work, multiple moving parts, relationship challenges, familial issues, or just a full plate along with any number of the many challenges we face on a daily basis.  Minerals help to relax the nervous system and B vitamins help to ensure that nerve impulses function correctly.  Nutrition can be a natural way to manage the needs that the stressors put on the body.  There are countless strategies and I am always happy to help with drug free solutions to help cope with the everyday and even unexpected.